Welcome to TJ Travel Centre,

We are a fully licensed travel agency dedicated to providing you with a guaranteed satisfactory vacation and travel experience. Our team of highly qualified Australian travel executives are dedicated to assisting you with all your travel needs. We can guarantee you that we go further for our customers, giving them the value that is unbeatable.

Here at TJ Travel Centre, we are an ATAS/AFTA accredited company. We can assure you that you’re in safe hands and your privacy and confidentiality is protected.

We handle a variety of travel aspects. This includes International/Domestic flights, tours; pamper packages, hotel bookings, bus and car hire, travel insurance and much more.

Why Choose Us?
We're here to take the stress out of the holiday planning process. Travel arranged by a professional travel agent guarantees that you never travel alone. You benefit from our years of experience and our relationship with suppliers in the travel industry. From getting the best deals to VIP treatment to having someone to turn to when the unexpected occurs, a travel agent is a traveller’s best resource. 
As experienced professionals, we know how much goes into planning a trip. We will help you with the important and often over-looked details such as travel insurance, documentation and
recommendations for the little extras to further enhance your travel.
You can trust TJ Travel Centre to prepare you a memorable holiday with comfort and ease.


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